Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a back-up plan in the event of poor weather? Do we need to rent a tent?

The lower event hall in the main Lodge can accommodate seating for up to 100 people. So, you're covered (literally) if it rains. However, if your wedding has over 100 guests - and you're doing a traditional seated meal - then yes, you would need to rent a tent. You’re welcome to source a vendor of your choice. However, driving of stakes into the ground to accommodate a tent or decorations must be approved by management due to underground pipes and wiring considerations. Fishers Party Central, which is close to the farm, knows our property well, and has provided tents for several events thus far. Information on Fishers can be found at the following link: Another popular option is Chambersburg-based Country Creek Farmhouse Tables, which provides impressive tents and fabulous farm tables. Information on Country Creek can be found at the following link: Please Note: We are unable to offer rain dates for weddings because the calendar gets booked. Additionally, the caterer is responsible for removing their trash unless otherwise agreed with Hemlock Hills Farm. We charge $125 to remove a caterer’s trash.

Are there any decorating restrictions?

Hemlock Hills Farm has been able to accommodate many decorating requests, including running power to the pine grove and the tennis court for a wedding. The lower hall has large beams that look great wrapped in lights and bunting. However, unless approved and inspected by management, decorations may not be hung with nails or screws in the Lodge, Farmhouse or Colonial Cabin. Driving of stakes into the ground to accommodate a tent or decorations must also be approved by management. All decorations must be removed without leaving damages directly following the event, unless special arrangements have been made between the clients and Hemlock Hills Farm. It would be ideal if you could visit the property (weekdays are best). We'd be happy to let you know if your ideas are possible.

How much of a deposit do you require, and when is the balance due?

For our two-day wedding package, we require a $2,000 deposit, and the balance of $4,000 due on arrival. For our one-day wedding package, we require a $1,000 deposit, and the balance of $2,000 on arrival. If you cancel your event, Hemlock Hills retains the full deposit.

Do you have preferred caterers?

We offer recommendations but we are only the venue; we are not the caterers. This is largely an unbundled experience. There are myriad catering options in the Bedford, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. The Horn O Plenty offers farm-to-table food (accommodating everyone from smoked meat lovers to veggies to vegans.) Information on Horn O Plenty can be found here: A Google search of Downtown Bedford and nearby Altoona will offer multiple dining options.

Do you provide chairs for ceremony?

Hemlock Hills Farm can provide 72” round tables for your event, seating roughly seven or eight per table for a total of up to 150 guests. We do not provide chairs at this time. Your vendor (be it Fishers, Country Creek or another) can provide chairs, linens and other particulars. We simply provide tables to help offset rental costs. But Fishers is really quite economical.

Do you provide china or glassware?

No. Your vendor would be responsible for china or glassware.

Do we need to secure event insurance?

Yes. You will need to purchase Commercial General Liability Insurance including Host Liquor Liability in an amount not less than $1,000,000. You can source insurance very economically. And we will require a copy of the policy one month before your event.

How close is the nearest hotel?

There is a Fairfield Inn and a Hampton Inn at the Pennsylvania Turnpike interchange, which is about eight miles away. The town of Bedford is 10 miles from Hemlock Hills and features great restaurants and pubs.

Are we able to come look at the property to get a better idea of the layout for planning purposes?

Yes, please do. We are happy to show you around and answer any questions. The couples who find Hemlock Hills and decide to wed here are quite imaginative. They've done everything from marry by the pond to the pine grove to the Gazebo, host chicken roasts (using coals from a fire pit), pig roasts, and bonfires. With horseshoes, a pool table, a games room, three fire pits (including one in the pine grove), a tennis court, swimming, fishing and 500 acres of land, there are lots of options for your guests.